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A bottle of That's the Idea sitting in front of a full glass

That’s the Idea

Have you ever wanted to be a beer taste tester? That’s the Idea behind this series of small-batch brews: Take a sip of what’s on our brewers’ minds, give us your thoughts and be part of our Inspired Brewing tradition.

Available exclusively at the Bell’s General Store, beers in this series will be released throughout the year.

Flavor Profile

Just like our Eccentric Excsuives, styles, flavors, and ingredients will vary with beers released in this series. Check back often to see what's on our minds!

Beer Info

We want to hear from you! Don't forget to take a peek at each 6-pack carrier for a QR code to scan. Take a quick survey & give us your input on the brew.
Category: Specialty


Upcoming/Past Releases

  • Double Kveik IPA – February 2022
  • Imperial Keller – March 2022
  • Cherry Oberon – March 2022
  • Modern West Coast IPA – April 2022

Available Packages

6 pack



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