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Taste the flavors of summer

Raise a glass to three flavor variants alongside the original Oberon you know and love.

Hang out with all the icons

Let the good times roll with a mix pack of our most popular brews.

Lager for the lakes

Enjoy this easy-drinking beer crafted to flavorfully quench your thirst for refreshment and good times.

Making a ripple for water stewardship

Through our 2023 grassroots grant cycle, Bell’s is extending our impact toward water conservation beyond our local lakes and rivers.


Meet our newest brew.

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Brew a Better Future

How do you become the first Michigan brewery to open a pub and sell beer by the pint glass? Or grow distribution from one state to 50? Or double brewing facilities? Or become a destination that includes a tap room, concert venue, and one-of-a-kind beer garden? By using beer and business as tools to discover common ground, strengthen community bonds, and spark meaningful action for four decades – of course. We call it Inspired Brewing, and it’s what drives us to make thoughtfully and creatively brewed quality craft beers, all while building a better future together.

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Eclectic pub grub with healthy side of live music.

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Hop Quiz — Test Your Bell's Beer Knowledge


Which of our seasonal, citrusy ales is released every March and recognized by many Michigan locals as an unofficial state holiday?


Correct! Released for the season every March, Oberon is one of our most famous spring and summer ales.

Two Hearted

Close! While it is brewed with citrus, Two Hearted is a Bell's Brewery staple available all year long!

Lager for the Lakes

Not quite! Lager for the Lakes is a smooth American Lager with a clean finish that will bring summer to you all year.