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Introducing Our 2023 Grant Cycle Program: Clean Water Stewardship

June 22, 2023

Clean water is important, not just for brewing beer, but for living life. Last year, we launched our inaugural Inspired Giving program and gave nearly $110,000 to help support projects that raise awareness, promote advocacy, and positively affect access to clean water.

This year, we’re bringing it back, focusing again on grants that support clean water.

We will be accepting applications for our 2023 Grassroots Grant Cycle from June 1 to July 31, 2023, with awards announced in September. To ensure transparency and effectiveness, we’ve outlined specific guidelines for the grants. Learn more about the application process.

Why is clean water significant for us?  We’re closely connected to the Great Lakes, and we recognize the significance of protecting and preserving these natural resources. While we strive to minimize our water consumption and mitigate any potential environmental impacts,

Related: Lager for the Lakes is commited to water conservation and stewardship.

Through this year’s Grassroots Grant Cycle, we aim to extend our impact beyond our local lakes and rivers. We seek to support water projects that align with our goals of strengthening ecosystem health, improving water resource management for of public health and frontline communities, and promoting resiliency and adaptation in the face of climate-related water risks.

If you are a part of or know any nonprofits and organizations dedicated to supporting habitat conservation and clean water stewardship, take a look at the Inspired Giving page for  details.

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