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Miss Smitten? Here are some tips on making a homebrew clone

June 22, 2023

Miss Smitten, our Golden Rye Pale Ale? While it’s currently in Larry’s Library, you can brew a clone version of it at home.

Here are some tips on how to brew a beer like Smitten at home, from our resident homebrew experts, the Bell’s General Store.

  • Start with a pretty simple malt bill of base 2-row (link) or pale malt (link). I’d use somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 to 30% rye malt (link) – anything less and you won’t taste it. Maybe a bit of Munich malt (link) for some backbone.
  • This is one of our older recipes, so I’d use some classic hops like Cascade (link) and Willamette (link). Give it a nice firm bitterness and a couple late additions for flavor. Dry hop it lightly with Cascade.
  • If you have access to our bottles and can harvest our yeast, that’s your best bet. If not, use a clean American yeast like US-05 dry yeast (link) or WLP001 from White Labs (link).

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