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Homebrew Q&A: How to brew a Quinannan Falls clone

June 22, 2023

Question: I fell in love with the Quinannan Falls. I know that I can’t get the recipe for this delicious brew, but any information regarding grain bill, hops, etc. would be appreciated so I can try and recreate this at home.

Answer: Start with a base of Pilsner malt and add a touch of Carapils or other dextrin malt for some body. Shoot for a gravity just shy of 1.060.

Hopping is simple – use your favorite American hop for bittering and a flavor addition (60 and 30-minute additions) – shoot for around 50 IBUs.

Ferment with your favorite German lager yeast – something clean.

Dry hop with a moderate amount of Simcoe and a small amount of something noble, like Saaz or Hershbrucker.

That’s it. Ferment cool and lager cold.

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