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A full snifter glass sitting next to a bottle of Lampshade Party Ale

Lampshade Party Ale

A limited release that celebrates a night best partially remembered. Feel free to indulge, and if a lampshade comes into play, so be it.

Flavor Profile

Bright, Punchy Hop Aroma; Fruit Punch, Tangerine; Big, Dry Finish

Beer Info

This Double IPA is dry-hopped with Australia’s Galaxy and the Pacific Northwest’s new-school IPA hop, Idaho 7. The hop character jumps out at you with juicy aromas of fruit punch, red berry, and pineapple. Bitterness is there but balanced with a nice malt character.
Category: Larry's Library

Alcohol By Volume: 9%
Shelf Life: 3 months
Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, House Ale Yeast
Nutritional Information (per 12 oz. serving):
Calories: 265, Carbs: 18.6
Original Gravity:

Available Packages

6 pack



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