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A bottle of Batch 10,000 Ale

Batch 10,000 Ale

The last of a series, Batch 10,000 Ale looks back to our home-brewing roots. After combing through the catalogs of many, many malts & hop suppliers, our brewers used over 100 different malts, grains, and other fermentables, and followed them up with a blend of 60 different hop varietals between the kettle additions and dry-hopping.

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The resulting beer presents a deep, chocolate brown hue and offers roasted and caramel notes from the malts mixed with an assertive hop character. Sharply bitter, the beer possesses a full mouthfeel without being heavy and will withstand aging in your cellar, if you prefer.
Category: Larry's Library

Alcohol By Volume: 9.2%
Shelf Life: Unlimited
Ingredients: Water, Malt, Hops, House Ale Yeast

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6 pack



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